06 April 2007

In hybernation the first week of May

This post isn't so much about pop-culture as it pop music. But it's all worth mentioning, I'm sure you'll agree.

I am planning on being unreachable the first week of May. I've been intending this for a while now, and my out-of-reachness is for two good reasons:

Tori Amos is back and, in typical Tori-ness, she's not being quiet about it. With a slight throwback to "Strange Little Girls" Tori has developed a concept album. Apparently the album is told through the eyes of five distinct characters: Santa, Clyde, Isabel, Tori, & Pip. Hmmm.... Now I was actually just talking to a work colleague of mine the other day about Tori Amos. The topic of conversation was "you either get Tori or you don't." There's no in-between, I'm afraid. I'm completely grateful I'm one of the folks who gets her. And I'm anxiously awaiting "American Doll Posse."

Bjork is unarguably another artist you either "get or you don't." Heck, I'm a fan and sometimes I don't get the chick. She's absurdly brilliant when it comes to music. I thought her last album, "Medulla," pretty much sucked ass but I completely appreciate her willingness to experiment. That's what an "artist" does (and dang it, that's why I always get ticked at people when they dog Madonna for doing something differenent). Anyway, Bjork's new album is titled "Volta" and is being released the week after Tori's (5/1). I'm not quite sure if this is the release date for the United States or not. We'll see. I haven't actually heard much about the personality of the album but I do know there are collaborations with Timerland, so there should be some interesting stuff there -- if not even appealing to mainstream.

One shocking thing about the album is that it's sparked a US tour! Yes, can you believe it? Bjork NEVER comes to the States, and if she does it's certainly nowhere near Florida. OK, I can't blame here there but jeez...give us some options here. Actually, my good friend Leora is going to see her when she's in Denver, and I am J-E-A-L-O-U-S. I'll get over it sometime, I'm sure, and for the time being just live vicariously through Leora.

If you're fans of Tori and/or Bjork make sure and support them, and pick-up their new albums the first week of May!



Thomas said...

I have been a fan of Tori's since '94 and seen her twice in concert. I am eagerly awaiting her new release next month (I sampled some of the tracks on AOL and they sound quite good, especially the single).

Social Citizen said...

Thanks for the feedback, Thomas. I appreciate it.

Me, I've been listening to her since '90. Pretty much right before she "broke." I hope the new record is good, and that she tours the States behind it. I'm sure she will -- she always does. I've seen her four times, and every time has been magical. I feel bad for the folks that "don't get her." Then again, that just means there's more for us who do, huh?!