14 January 2008

Are we too exposed?

I was recently reminded of just how vulnerable we all are in the age of video. I can't even identify with what some celebrities go through in their daily lives, experiencing the constant barrage of photographers and fans. Granted, many celebrities crave the attention and in some ways ask for the exposure (this is a forever-debated topic in the culture of American fame), but then there are others that mostly remain out of the limelight, and don't necessarily flirt with the exposure. The "video" that reminded me of this is the infamous incident that occured with Bjork over 10 years ago.

What? You never saw it? How did you miss it? Well, not that I'm perpetuating this nonsense:

Now, granted violence is, of course, never a logical solution in any situation, but what in the heck prompted this outburst of Bjork-absurdity? Well, it could be a number of things:

1. Bjork didn't want her child exposed to the insane media.
2. The reporter told Bjork her Oscar swan dress was the ugliest thing she'd ever seen. (I'm one of the ones who actually thought it was a clever media stunt.)
3. Bjork was simply jetlagged.
4. Bjork had too many cups of coffee on her flight and she was going to have a major blowout in the bathroom.
5. Bjork was in a hurry to get to the studio.

Seriously though, isn't this a tragic case of personal invastion? Or it deserved? In any case, was the freakout justified?

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