16 November 2007

Some bitter OJ

I'll be honest, I don't like orange juice with pulp. I never have and chances are that will never change. Pulp is just unnecessary -- it gets stuck in your teeth, hits the back of your throat in a creepy way, and just doesn't make any sense. I kinda feel the same way about OJ Simpson. He gets stuck in strange situations (i.e., "the teeth of life"), is most definitely creepy, and certainly makes no sense. OK, maybe that's a lame analogy but hey...I try. Seriously though, what have OJ's contributions to society truly been (and don't mention playing football because that is a worthless contribution). I feel bad asking that about any human being but I look at this guy and have to wonder what his value to our community is.

So now that OJ is back in the news--with a vengeance, it seems--I haven't really been paying too much attention. I'm not really even aware of what he's battling in court. I was just trying to find some information but couldn't even anything on the homepage of CNN.com. Something to do with stolen goods? I don't know.... But it leads me to ask the question, are we seeing karma in action?

I know my answer. What's yours?