15 May 2008

Found on Flickr: Blood Tree

I've really been slacking on both my "Music Monday" and "Found on Flickr" series. I suck. But I'm posting today, because I came across this beautiful image on Flickr, titled "Blood Tree."


(Photo courtesy of Flickr member ksaad.)

13 May 2008

"Oh f*%k" as heard on the evening news!

Earlier today I was reading a post on a blog called Oh Hey!, and it really made me take a step back and think about some things. I'm not someone who gets offended very easily; I tend to think of myself as pretty liberal, and hold the philosophy of "if you don't want to see it then look the other way."

The instance that instigated this was a recent "mishap," we'll say, of a news reporter while broadcasting live on the air. Apparently something irritated the female anchor and she was caught saying "f*%k" (not on camera though). Personally, I thought it was very humorous, mostly because television news personalities are typically so well-put-together and proper. So this action just showed her having a human moment. I can imagine, though, that for some more...refined individuals, and parents, this might've caused a little anger. After all, we Americans do pretend like we're much more open-minded than we really are, and we usually make bigger deals of things than are really necessary. At least that's my opinion. Judge for yourself:

See "Miley's continued controversy..." for similar topic.

11 May 2008

¡Feliz día de la madre!

¡Feliz día de la madre! That's "Happy Mother's Day" in Spanish. I'm not Hispanic and neither is my mother, so I don't really know why I'm even discussing this.

I'll just say "Happy Mother's Day" to all those wonderful women in the world who are kind, loving, giving mothers. We appreciate you, and are eternally grateful for your decision to have us.

You can learn more about the history of Mother's Day and how it's celebrated world-round by clicking here.

Sexy kitty?

I love comics, especially when they're really good (of course, that's subjective). A friend of mine forwarded me this entertaining cartoon yesterday. I have a cat and so does she, so we both found it funny.


Tom Cruise: Living in a new light?

I'm not an avid fan of Oprah Winfrey's (hey...she does some good things), and am certainly not one of Tom Cruise's. And this was way before the outbreak of "crazy" episodes a few years back. Yes, you know exactly what I'm referring to. However, I was interested in checking-in with Oprah's two-part interview of Tom Cruise this past week, just to see what the conversation between the two would entail.

The "Friday" interview, at Cruise's home in Colorado, was actually somewhat interesting. He & Oprah discussed said outbreaks, and Tom seemed to have returned from his vacation to Weirdoville. However, I could barely stomach the "Monday" show, which found a who's-who of Hollywood-mites doting over how great Tom is, and how much he deserves his 25-year-in-the-business recognition. I'm sure they all mean what they're saying, but to me it came off as another publicity stunt to try to rebuild Tom Cruise's image. Perhaps I'm wrong.

EW.com recently published an article asking the question: "A Star is Reborn?" Is he?

10 May 2008

If you only had "4 Minutes"

Several days ago my friend Courtney IMd me at work, with the message of "You only have 4 minutes," or something to that effect. It was a nod--or maybe a tease--to my affinity of Madonna music, and her current single "4 Minutes." She then asked me if I only had four minutes what would I do? My response:


Well, that's pretty much what I do anyway. So I guess I'd continue doing that. I wonder...what would you do if you only had four minutes?

01 May 2008

Found on Flickr: Cloud Beach

Clouds are amazing, and I'm pretty much enamored with them. I think I inhereted this from one of my family members, who says she's going to be "put in charge of making clouds" when she goes to Heaven. So I had to post this photo for today's feature:


I'm not sure where this is, but I want to be there!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user petervanallen.