28 April 2008

Miley's continued controversy: Art or Inappropriate?

Miley Cyrus is huge. If you pay any sort of attention to mainstream media there's no escaping her. She's all over the place right now. I'm over twice her age and don't follow her, and I know who she is.

Apparently Miley, daughter of country music star(?) Billy Ray Cyrus, just shot a spread for Vanity Fair, and one of the photos featured is causing quite a controversy. Said photo, by famed photographer Annie Leibowitz, shows Cyrus glancing into the camera, her bare back showing and her body only covered by a blanket.

The controversy bubbled-up because Cyrus is merely 15-years-old, and some are questioning whether this is "art," or simply a young girl being taken advantage of. This spread comes on the heels of "questionable" (I use this term loosely; what others consider questionable, I typically do not) photos of Miley that have appeared on the Internet.

As with situations such as this I tend to keep my personal opinion out of it; however, I am a fairly liberal person...and not a parent...so my feelings on the matter might differ from many others.

Here's the photo from Vanity Fair:


What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think this photo is inappropriate, given Miley's age? Or is it simply a tasteful art shot? I'm curious to know....

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loretta said...

I like Miley Cirus, if I had girls she is the kind of role model I would hope for them to enjoy. Even if Hanna Montana is plastered all over everyyyyyything under the sun.

She's at that awkward stage in her career though where she's a teenager. She's not a little kid anymore, but she's not yet a full adult either. She's going to have to make that transition in SOME way and remind people that she's not 10 years old.

I think the pictures are done tastefully and not in an advantageous way. Her dad (despite his Achey Breaky Heart) has some good business sense and I don't think he would let any decisions go by that weren't good for her in some way.

Girls are always under so much pressure in the spotlight, it's stressful. The pic you posted to me looks more innocent and saying "look, I'm just a person, an average regular normal girl"

Social Citizen said...


Personally, I couldn't agree with you more. I think there are greater things to worry about in our country right now. And if parents have a problem with this photo, perhaps it'll ignite some conversation between them and their children...and get them talking. That seems to be a bigger issue in this day-and-age.

I appreciate your stopping by and sharing your comments.

Tinkerbellkim said...

I don't see a problem with it either....but it's not something I would want my 15-year old to do. But then again, there's a lot of things in Hollywood I wouldn't want my 15-year old to do. (Not that I have a 15-year old...I don't even have a 15-day old yet!)

I actually feel bad for kid stars...because they get these labels by society that they either have to live up to day and night or they are seen as failures. That's a lot of pressure for anyone, much less for kids!

Social Citizen said...


I totally agree. And I wonder what the situation would be like it this were a boy? Certainly not the same....

Anne said...

I think putting yourself in the starlight puts you into a whole new category. I think it's a beautiful photo, but I worry that the girls who really like Miley Cyrus, the 12 and under group (I know this one from my own girls!), could be affected negatively by it since they tend to see her as someone to look up to. I wouldn't want my 7 year-old asking to dress that way.

That being said, Vanity Fair isn't usually read by children and tends to cater to an older crowd.

In other words, if this were in a Teen mag, I'd say it should go.

I think she has her head on her shoulders; I think her dad watches over her fairly carefully, and hopefully her back is all she'll be baring in the near future!