06 April 2008

Now you too can be the next da Vinci

Recognize this historic painting? You should. It's the Mona Lisa. And it's probably regarded as one of the most beautiful, and most well-known paintings in history. But now, through the beauty (or however you view it) of technology, you have the power to make your own Mona Lisa. Well, sort of.... Unfortunately, though, yours won't live in the Louvre.

You can make this:

...look like this:
Let me start by stating I came across this topic when I was watching the news a couple of days ago. Apparently there is an interactive educational feature somewhere (and I apologize I can't say exactly where; I was doing a search for the story online, and that's how I came across this website). I will continue to do my search and when I stumble across it I'll post it here.

So on to making your own Mona Lisa. While somewhat disturbing, online users can now change the expression of this gorgeous painting. Simply click here or visit http://www.cite-sciences.fr/francais/ala_cite/expo/explora/image/mona/en.php# to create your own expressions.

So, do you think this is too weird? Abeit all in good fun, should historical artifacts like Leonard da Vinci's masterpiece even be messed with?



The BenSpark said...

Dude, didn't I take that photo of you at Tao?

Social Citizen said...


I believe you did, although I can't say I recall it actually happening! I think I stole this one--along with another one--from your Flickr account!