07 April 2008

Music Monday: I Feel It All

You may not know her name. You probably don't even know her face. But I'm willing to bet you know her music...at least one of her songs, that is. While Feist has been fairly well-known in her native land of Canada, she's only recently broken-thru stateside within the past year. Yes, with that "iPod" song. It's called "1234" and no matter how you may feel about this particular song it's unarguably different than anything that's been played on American radio in the past few years. (I wrote a post on my MySpace blog a while back, featuring one of her other videos.)

Feist is unique. Feist is different. Feist is...well, talented. And Canada's Juno awards seem to think so as well. In fact, Feist was honored with five of the evening's awards last night in Toronto, including Pop Album of the Year and Artist of the Year. Not too shabby!

Here is the song she performed at the awards ceremony:

But this song isn't the "Music Monday" feature. Actually, that goes to one of my favorite tracks off of Feist's monster album "The Reminder." The song is called "I Feel It All," and it's upbeat, entertaining...with a video to compliment it.


If you want to learn more about Feist visit her official website, or take a look at her MySpace page.

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