31 July 2007

Funny Facebook!

I stumbled across this hilarious video for Facebook. It's actually making fun of the eHarmony spots more than anything, but in thinking about things I realized it's a great testament to the power of social networking sites like Facebook.

25 July 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

I'm registered for gobs of e-mail newsletters. Some of them are related to my job, some have to do with my personal interest, and some are just to keep in-line with what's going on in the world. One of the newsletters I typically find interesting is from C|NetNews.com.

In today's "afternoon issue" there was a feature about...what I think...is a pretty absurd use of social media. Here are the details:

A group of NYU postgrad students have been working to develop something called the "Botanicalls" system. This lets plant owners essentially communicate with their green friends. Through technology and social media plants and convey their needs to people. "What?" you ask? "How is this possible," and "what is the point?" Well, moisture sensors can be placed in the soil of the plant, to send a signal over a wireless network to a gateway that places a call if the plant's too dry or wet.

Now I ask if this is really necessary. I suppose if the "owner" were out-of-town on business for a long period of time or on vacation, this might be worthwhile, but seriously.... Will a plant kick the bucket if it goes a few days without water?

Here's photo documentation of what the grad students came up with:

And the team that came up with this:

This is silly. Maybe if I think-it-over for a few days I might feel differently.

Role Models

This video was sent to me by a co-worker, who found it over at 1938 Media. So funny....

24 July 2007


I'm a fan of television. I'm not going to lie. I don't think I watch nearly as much as most people do but I certainly have my favorite shows. I also have my favorite networks, Bravo being one of them. True, some of their programming has gotten slightly cheesy, and their reality-show platform is just about out-of-control, but you have to admit some of their shows are captivating.

One of my favorite things about the Bravo network is their website. Albeit a bit busy, aesthetically speaking, it's an awesome example of how a television network integrates technology and social media into their mix. Just look at their site.

Here are a few reasons I love Bravotv.com:

- Video
- Blogs
- Mobile

Truly, this network engages their audience with numerous interactive features, and know how to get their viewers involved, and I think it's great!

23 July 2007

CNN * YouTube Debates

Referencing my last post, these debates are so much better than I was expecting. Sure, CNN is still very much involved...and selecting the video submissions...but for the most part I think it's an incrediby innovative way of approaching relevant topics.

My friend Kim and I keep exchanges text messages back-and-forth about who we like! Social media at its finest!

FYI...I'm NOT voting for any person who wears a hearing aid.

22 July 2007

Social Media & Politics

If you haven't already heard, politicians and major [American] news organizations are jumping on the social media bandwagon. Actually, bandwagon isn't the appropriate term to use. Typically, I think of "jumping on the bandwagon" as being associated with something trendy or fleeting, and social media is certainly here to stay. Politicians and news organization undoubtedly recognize this and are therefore taking note of how to integrate the medium with their business models. The big question right now is just how much does social media play in both of these fields? Does it dictate news stories and political platforms? Or does it merely supplement them? Personally, I don't think anyone really knows the answer (although there are definitely strong opinions about both), and we probably won't for years to come.

I bring all of this up because I just learned that CNN is hosting the first-ever Presidential video/social media debates. I'm a little surprised that I'm just hearing of this since I live much of my life online. Anyhow.... Taking place tomorrow (7/23) at 7pm EST these debates will unarguably be historic, and could determine the relevance of social media in such vital events. The concept is really quite simple: candidates will answer questions directly from the American public, via video-sharing powerhouse YouTube.com. No journalists. No panelists. No agendas. Or so we're told.

Dubbed the "CNN * YouTube Debates" the live broadcast will launch with the Democratic Presidential candidates. The Republicans will follow in mid-September. Of course, only time will tell just how much of an impact these initiatives will make, but it'll be interesting to watch.

If you're interested in taking part in this landmark event click here. The deadline for submissions is today (7/22) though, so you'll have to hurry!

20 July 2007

And I Always Thought Women Are the Smart Ones

I found another video gem on the Say No to Crack site:

Evidently the original spot is from a television show, at least that's what I'm assuming based on the audience laughter. Probably MADtv or a similar sketch comedy show.

Video-sharing sites are awesome!

16 July 2007

Funny or Stupid?

Today there was a site featured in both my TechCrunch e-mail newsletter, as well as another industry newsletter I'm signed-up for called whatsnextblog.com. Being that it was featured in two e-mails in the same day I figured I would take a moment to check-it-out.

The site I'm referring to is called News Groper, and it's a hoot! The site actually launched today, and it's a collection of over 50 "parody" blogs, all written by authors under the guises of celebrities. Tyra Banks, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, and even Oprah Winfrey are "contributors" to the site.

If you have a few spare moments visit the site and judge for yourself.

08 July 2007

Everyone's a Celebrity

Earlier this morning I was watching CNN, when there was a very interesting segment featuring former Vanity Fair Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown. She has recently been in the media promoting her novel chronicling the life of Princess Diana, aptly titled "The Diana Chronicles."

The segment during which she was featured on the news network was primarily focused on celebrities--specifically American celebrities--and out of her interview came a quote I thought was the perfect representation of the topic:

"These days everyone is a celebrity, and nobody is intriguing."

She stated that the last real intriguing celebrity in recent American history was John F. Kennedy, Jr., and that the celebrity pop-tarts of today are famous for doing nothing...and are pretty uninteresting.

I couldn't agree more (but thank goodness they are or I wouldn't have nearly as much to write about).

07 July 2007

Video-Sharing Rocks!

In this day-and-age American celebrities have to watch their every move. If they aren't careful the end-up with something like this:

Video-sharing rocks! (Pun intended.)

06 July 2007

Let Your Voice Be Heard

As we all know (with the exception of some folks), our country is a big, fat mess right now. Unarguably, we have one of the worst Administrations in the history of the United States of America. Now, I've never really been a "political" person but as I'm getting older...strike that...as I'm maturing I've realized it is detrimental that I at least involve myself in what our politicians are doing, and how they're representing me and my country. That being said, I'm in "education mode," right now, and trying to start learning as much as I can about the Presidential candidates.

Last week I registered myself at HillaryClinton.com. Now, I'm not saying I'm voting for Hil, or that I'm even endorsing her. I'm merely exploring my options. Anyone who knows me, though, knows I'm a HUGE fan of sites that integrate various features of user involvement, and Hillary's site does just that.

I'm sure the other candidates have similar features on their websites, but here are a few reasons I like HillaryClinton.com:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Regardless of whatever political party you are affiliated with, what Presidential candidate you support, or what your views are on the current war, I encourage you to at least be aware -- wake up and let your voice be heard.

05 July 2007

Dead Wrong!

I've always thought of myself as a priceless individual. Not that I'm full-of-myself but hey...I know how unique I am! No amount of money could buy me. Well, maybe I should reconsider that. Now as it turns out, through the beauty of the Internet and SayNotoCrack.com, I can find out what I'm worth if I were to "kick the bucket." That's right, it's the Cadaver Calculator, and I must say I'm somewhat disappointed -- turns out I may have overestimated my worth.

$3540.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Of course, I do not in any way take this seriously. I just thought it would be fun to "calculate my cadaver."