23 July 2007

CNN * YouTube Debates

Referencing my last post, these debates are so much better than I was expecting. Sure, CNN is still very much involved...and selecting the video submissions...but for the most part I think it's an incrediby innovative way of approaching relevant topics.

My friend Kim and I keep exchanges text messages back-and-forth about who we like! Social media at its finest!

FYI...I'm NOT voting for any person who wears a hearing aid.

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Kim said...

I agree, my friend, I agree. It will be interesting to see the Republican YouTube debates now that this one is over. Do you think people will spend more time on their entries, as a competition? Are the Republicans at more of an advantage because they've seen how the debate format goes?

It definitely felt more conversational than the debates from the last campaign. I wish we could call in like American Idol and vote a couple of them off though- seriously, some of them really stunk.