08 September 2007

Anyone Cold?

Today's featured video comes from Madonna. As written in a post earlier in the week I think she--and the creative team she surrounds herself with--is one of the most visionary artists that has ever existed. Feel free to argue with me; I know the haters are out there. Regardless, the song "Frozen", which is off of 1998's brilliant "comeback" record "Ray of Light" (although I debate whether or not she ever really "left") is not only haunting and beautiful but the accompanying video is as well.

Directed by English music video director Chris Cunningham, I give you "Frozen":


Klioreport said...

My favourite Madonna video. So gothic!

V said...

you know what video makes me cry? that video for that song that goes 'this used to be my playground...this used to be my childhood dreeaammm' like at the end of A League of Their Own.


and yes, you and i should go on a trip! how about...greece?! ok fine, canada.