05 December 2007

Meat Pies Get Mobile

OK, so that's a really lame attempt at punning but it's the best I've got. But it somewhat relates to the content ahead.

I've recently learned that both Papa John's and Domino's Pizza offer-up mobile ordering. In fact, Papa John's is actually promoting their services on the homepage. Ordering a pizza via your web-enabled device? Are you kidding me? That's fantastic! I love, love, love pizza! It's probably my main food weakness, besides french fries. I recall a time not too terribly long ago that I I was having a horrible day and didn't want to converse with any other human beings, so I ordered a pizza online. It's the best.

So now to make it that much easier by ordering "mobily" seems like the next logical step. While I'm not really a fan of Domino's Pizza, I will eventually try this method of ordering with Papa John's (my favorite) and will let you know how it goes.

If anyone has tried ordering from a pizza place via their mobile device please provide feedback!

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