26 December 2007

The Most Awkward Celebrity Moments of 2007

The more I keep telling readers I'm not really into celebrity gossip, the more I find myself writing about it. Sometimes it's just too good to pass up, although please understand I don't find pleasure in the pain of these people -- I'm just constantly dumbstruck about how silly they are. I would most definitely not want to live my life under the continuous scrutiny of the American media.

Having said that, I recently saw the ''Top 10'' list for the most awkward celebrity moments of the year, and some of them are moments we won't soon forget. Thanks to site HerGossip.com and TIME magazine, here’s the list:

1.) Columbia University President Lee Bollinger invites the Iranian president to speak on campus.
2.) Paris Hilton cries for her mommy.
3.) Alec Baldwin rips his daughter a new one.
4.) David Hasselhoff drunk in the shower.
5.) Family values Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) admits his number is in the so-called D.C. Madam’s little black book.
6.) Britney Spears’ zombie dance at the MTV Video Music Awards.
7.) Rosie O’Donnell calls co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck a coward on “The View.”
8.) Fox TV censors Sally Field at the Emmy Awards.
9.) Miss Teen South Carolina says Americans don’t know about geography because they lack maps.
10.) Rudy Giuliani’s kids won’t back him for president.

Are there any you think were left off the list? Personally, I thought Kathy Griffin's Emmy acceptance speech was pretty awkward, as well as Paris Hilton's interview with Larry King. Maybe we can make these honorable mentions?

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