25 March 2007

Maiden Post/Leaving NYC!

I've been blogging--quite infrequently--for several months now, over on MySpace. Check it out! Most of the posts have been about entertainment, pop culture, and the like, or simply just ramblings (which I'm known for). I only have a few readers but that's OK. I'm currently in New York City for a blog conference called BlogHer, and have been inspired by the creativity I've seen. Therefore, I've created a new blog on Blogger, and have been motivated to post on a more regular basis. In addition to the folks at BlogHer I've also been inspired by my colleague and friend, Veronique, who's got an awesome travel blog!

I'm sure as time goes on the blog will develop and mature into a defined voice, but for now I'm simply going to continue expressing myself and voice my opinions via this forum, and I hope to grow my readership base and engage with my readers often.

I'm about to hop on a plane back to Orlando, so 'til next time....

~ Peace ~



V said...

I can't wait to hear you talk about the Simpson girls, Beyonce, and Star Jones!

Then of course you have TONS to say about Jake Gyllenhaal and Brittany Murphy...Can't wait!


Pop-Tart said...

I love your travel blog! If I hadn't traveled with you to NYC, I would've totally read it and adhered to you recommendations! Ha ha!