02 May 2007

How I Met Tori Amos

Perhaps I've misled some folks by titling this post "How I Met Tori Amos." I've never actually met Tori; not in this physical world anyway. Many, many times in my dreams (in a non-psychotic way, of course). What I was trying to convey with the title is the first time I was ever introduced to Tori in the music world.

Oddly enough--and without embarassment--I first heard Tori's unique voice while I was in college, working part-time at the store Structure. Yes, go ahead and laugh. But I'm proud to say I was introduced to some pretty phat music while I worked there, thanks to the company who was contracted to provide the soundtrack for the store. I believe they were a company based out of Seattle. Anyhow, the song "Blue Skies" came on and I was absolutely hooked. Of course now I'm not only a huge fan of Tori but also BT. In my opinion, "Blue Skies" is a killer track, and is an interesting collaboration -- I don't think Tori's really ever appeared on such a song.

Unfortunately I don't have a sample of the song I can provide, but if you're a Tori fan I'm certain you're familiar with the song. So I'm curious to know what other folks think about this song. Here's a poll for you:

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Thomas said...

I was first introduced to Tori's music in 1994 when I saw her "God" video on MTV. I was quite enthralled with her and have been a fan ever since.