01 May 2007

Tori the Video Queen

We can probably all agree we live in an age where music just wouldn't be the same without music videos. They draw us into the lives of the artist, help tell the story of the song (OK, well more often than not this isn't true), and simply entertain. Like Tori Amos's music, her accompanying videos--which are all available on Tori Amos - Video Collection: Fade to Red--can often be disturbingly interesting. Sometimes they have a unique story, often they are beautifully shot, and quite frequently they make no sense at all and are quirky.

So I thought I'd devote today's "Tori post" to her videos. Honestly, I have a two-way tie for my favorite:

Caught a Lite Sneeze:


What's your favorite Tori Amos video? (This is for a produced video, not a concert or live performance.)

1 comment:

Thomas said...

My favorite video by her is also "Sneeze". Just beautiful visuals for a great song.