07 June 2007

New Comment Features

You might've noticed some new comment capabilities on my blog. I recently read about this fun new "tool" in my daily TechCrunch newsletter, called ClickComments. A service of Postreach, ClickComments consists of a number of buttons that are included on a blog which correlate to some common user-responses, such as "insightful," "entertaining," and "great find." It's incredibly simple to use, and that's the point. Users just click one or as many buttons that relate to their opinion of the post.

While not necessarily replacing the traditional comments feature on blogs (it's still there if a user feels compelled to leave a thorough comment), these new comment features allow users to engage with the blog author via comments without having to provide an e-mail address.

AN ADDED BONUS: All posts that have received ClickComments are then listed on the Postreach website, which is great because it means there's potential for incremental traffic, back to those sites using the service.

The Postreach site has a great tutorial video. Click here to view it.

I think it's pretty cool! I'd love to know what you think about ClickComments.


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