26 June 2007

Say No to Crack!

Say no to the real crack, we all know that stuff is whack! But say "YES!" to saynotocrack.com. Bottom line, Say No to Crack is website about humor. Humor of all kinds. One of my favorite features of the site is its newsletter. Sent daily, the newsletter is a snapshot of some of the current features of the site, and are usually quite funny.

In yesterday's issue there was a very humorous feature, and I have to share it with you:

Boring Business Systems is an actual business located not too far from where I live. It's in Lakeland, Florida. The business is led by a man with the last name Boring, and that's what the company is named as well. What? That's just too funy! What's even funnier is that the url to their site is Boring.com.
Visit Say No to Crack today!

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