17 March 2008

Music Monday: Walk This World

Heather Nova isn't well-known in America. In fact, I doubt any of her singles have ever received any [radio] airplay, and that's primarily where she would've received her exposure when she originally came out in the mid-90s. I think I somehow stumbled across one of her videos while watching MTV late one night. Said video was "Walk This World," which is featured here.

"Walk This World" is featured on Heather's first release, Oyster (1995). This release is eerie, haunting, and gorgeous. If you like "Walk This World" you should give the entire album a chance; however, be advised this song is the most "pop-y" track on the CD.

Heather's two must-have albums:

1. Oyster.
2. Siren.


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Social Citizen said...


Are you kidding me? Electronica is my jam! I would really like to check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine, and for stopping by to comment.

Social Citizen said...

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