30 January 2008

The Experience of a Symphony (Part I)

Things in my life are rarely simple. In fact, most situations I'm presented with are offbeat and interesting. I love this about my life; I've learned to embrace it. Knowing that now I must share something amusing that happened to me yesterday evening.

After I got off work I headed over to my local Circuit City to purchase a copy of Sarah Brightman's new release, "Symphony." (Yes, I said Sarah Brightman. She's talented. She's beautiful. Leave me alone.) Firstly, let me make it known how much I dislike Circuit City (the one I typically go to, anyway): their music is extremely unorganized and not user-friendly, and they typically only have one checkout line open. Not that I'm in a hurry to get anywhere...ever...but still.... I continue to hit-up this one specific store because it's convenient and they often have good deals on new releases.

So I somehow managed to locate the disc I was looking for (although I hang my head in shame at buying music located in the "Easy Listening" section), and then proceeded to the one-and-only open line. No biggie -- there was nobody else in line so I was assured a quick in-and-out. Well, it didn't go down exactly like that.

ME: "Hey, how's it going?"

EMPLOYEE: "Good." (Pause, looking down at my cd.) "Is she really the best soprano ever?" (This referring to the gold sticker attached to the packaging of my cd, boldly bragging that Sarah is "the best-selling soprano of all time.")

ME: "I guess so. That's what the sticker says."

EMPLOYEE: "Hmmm...can she hit the note Mariah can hit?"

ME: "Ummm, I'm not sure. I don't think so. But that's not really what being a soprano means."

EMPLOYEE: "Oh, well...that note Mariah can hit is da bomb."

Seriously, I'm not making this up.

ME: "Well, they're from two completely different genres."

EMPLOYEE: "Oh, well, I still think Mariah is crazy cool."

ME: "Have a great night!"

I quickly swiped my debit card through the required machine, had the employee place my cd in a bag, and walked out of the store. Then, of course, I had to laugh about the whole situation. The employee probably thought I was purchasing a Sarah McLachlan album.

After reliving the encounter throughout the day today, I have to wonder what a collaboration between Sarah Brightman and Mariah Carey would be like. (Scene ends with camera panning away, following my thought bubble.)

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