20 January 2008

Oh no she didn't!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of seeing Kathy Griffin perform live at the Bobb Carr Performing Arts Centre. Not my favorite venue; actually, to be quite honest it's beginning to look at little dingy. Orlando isn't necessarily known for its fine arts facilities. But I digress.
Now I know many people find Kathy offensive, and probably vulgar. She's certainly an aquired taste; I can certainly understand that, but I find vulgarity and offensiveness funny. Sorry, that's just my sense of humor. Life is way too short to be taken sersiously. And while Kathy's schtick is mostly known as poking fun at celebrities, I realized during her concert (at least this is my take on it) that she doesn't truly believe what she's saying about the celebrities in her act, she's just showing the world how absolutely absurd celebrity in America is. It makes perfect sense now.

And the ironic thing about it is she's catapulted her own persona to fame by mocking the very machine that kept her from being famous years and years ago. I think it's great. She's kinda saying, "Screw you America and your stupid celebrities. I'm going to make you love me whether you want to or not." And for that, I totally totally do.

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