06 January 2008

Music Monday: Freedom '90

The early '90's were an interesting time in American music. The [painful] period of hairband rock was on its way out, mainstream grunge was on its way in, and europop acts started dominating the charts. In the midst of all of that came a song that captivated my attention the very first time I heard it. Actually, it was the video that captured my attention, and what's ironic about that is the artist behind the song was nowhere to be found.

''Freedom '90'' was a groundbreaking, beautifully shot video featuring some of the most famous supermodels of the time including Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell. They could be seen lazing around a loft in anywhere, USA, lip-synching to the track off of George Michael's brilliant ''Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. I'' album. The interesting thing is Michael was in the middle of a brawl with his record label Sony because of the image they'd created for him during his ''Faith'' album, and he boycotted them by not appearing in any of his videos from the former album. And by choosing models to represent his song, it's the perfect concept -- what, really, better represents American culture than a supermodel? (This isn't necessarily my personal opinion, but certainly one that hangs around through the years.)


Colleen said...

That album is without a doubt, one of my most favorite albums EVER. I love the video too. The rest of the album is so unlike that song, but well worth a listen. George Michael can croon a mean ballad! (BTW, have you seen him singing Faith in the promos of the new ABC show, Eli Stone or something like that?)

Kathy said...

Wow. Haven't seen this video in so long. Thanks for posting. Boy, that takes me back to my club-hopping days. Great song, great video!

Social Citizen said...


I completely agree! Such a fantastic, creative album. There are some great songs included.

Thanks for the comment!

Social Citizen said...


Thanks for visiting, and commenting on this post. "Freedom '90" is certainly a powerful song, if you really pay attention to the lyrics.