08 January 2008

This Time I Am the Critic

I'm a fan of entertainment award shows, I must admit. The Oscars. The Grammys. The Golden Globes (which are actually being canceled this year). I know, I know, it's a weakness of mine. I hate watching them, mostly because of crappy talent and poor writing. I don't even necessarily agree with ''awarding'' individuals simply for doing their jobs (which is, after all, what they're doing). I've always felt that way. But there is something fun about seeing a mass of celebrities in one place at the same time. It's almost always amusing, particularly when they're walking down the red carpet.

So when VH1 aired the Critic's Choice Awards last night I just had to watch. While I haven't seen any of the movies being recognized, it did seem many of them were non-mainstream, which I always enjoy. I was a bit hesitant to watch at first though, when I discovered ''comedian'' D.L. Hughley was hosting. Firstly, he's not that well-known, so that was surprising. Secondly, I don't think he's funny at all (Bravotv.com agrees), and after the show last night I feel even more strongly about my opinion. Most of his jokes seemed to be race-centric, with many references to "you wouldn't see a black actress getting caught in that situation" or "a brother would never be cast in that role.'' I was seriously, seriously turned off, and thought he was severely miscast.

Wow, am I Debbie Downer or what?!?!


Colleen said...

I agree. His jokes didn't seem to fit his audience, and I didn't see many people laughing. (Why did the camera keep focusing on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, anyway?)

I don't think he was the best choice for host.

The BenSpark said...

I personally think that these shows are a waste of time and money. There are too many of them and they just don't mean anything in the big picture.

I had to out downer you.

Social Citizen said...


Seems like the majority of folks in attendance weren't really "feelin'" D.L. As for Brad and Angelina: BORING!

Social Citizen said...

the benspark:

There is some entertainment value involved, I think, but overall I totally agree with your comments.