31 January 2008

I love the Paparazzi!

My friend Globetrotting V recently shared a new web page screenshot application called Paparazzi. It's been around for a while apparently but I'm just now learning about it.

The great thing about Paparazzi is it allows web users to take a full capture of any web page. This is a fantastic thing for me--particularly when at work--because I work off of a MacBrook Pro laptop and I can't always view an entire page on my screen. While Paparazzi is user-friendly and convenient it's, unfortunately, only currently available for Mac users.

Using Paparazzi is quick and simple:

1. Download the application to your laptop or computer.
2. Save it to your "Applications" folder.
3. Find the application and open it up.
4. Enter the url of the web page you want to capture into the URL window of the Paparazzi widget.
5. Hit the "Capture" button.
6. Save the screengrab into the preferred format.
7. Use saved file as needed.

One thing I really enjoy about Paparazzi is that is has a cropping feature. The standard web sizes are already preset into the application but there are fields that allow you to customize your size. To do this simply type in the measurements of the screen shot you'd like and you're good to go. I've provided a few examples here:

No specified measurements (a full screenshot):



Now the last one is somewhat of an odd measurement but it proves Paparazzi can accommodate any of your screen capture needs. Enjoy Paparazzi!


Courtney said...

I'm so glad I read this post although one would think initially that you were going to dive into some conversation about the Paparazzi and Celebrities.

I'm also grateful that I'm now on a Mac in my personal life so that I can have the pleasure of abusing the Paparazzi :)

Thanks for sharing :)

Social Citizen said...


Thanks for reading the post, and dropping the comment. I'm glad you were drawn in by the "tease" of the post title.