16 April 2007

An entertaining landlord

I'm always keeping my eyes open for folks who are doing new things or looking for new ways to be creative!

Will Ferrell is still at the top of entertainment news, even though his recent comedy "Blades of Glory" was just knocked out of first place at the box office. While I haven't seen the film (not my kinda movie), Mr. Ferrell launched a website last week dedicated to viral video (which I do love!). The site is called Funny or Die. Now, some people have the opinion that true "viral marketing" can't be created or forced, and must be initiated and generated by users based on their interest. I say you gotta give someone credit for being creative, and somewhat original.

So one of the first videos to be featured on the site is called "The Landlord," and it's flippin' funny. I'm sure somewhere in the world, some extremely conservative parent is gonna find this video very offensive. I say "lighten up."

Here's the video (unfortunately I can't use the one from their site -- it's not compatible with my Blogger profile):

Can't wait to see how long it takes for this video to make the rounds.

1 comment:

Kim said...

haha, I have this on my MySpace page BEFORE you blogged about it. :)