19 April 2007

To Twitter or Not To Twitter (Part 2)

You might recall a post of mine a few weeks ago, about the rage (in a good way, that is) over Twitter. I wasn't terribly familiar with it at the time so I decided to check-it-out and see what's going on.

It's now official! I'M A TWIT! I realize this might not be a legitimate term for those who use Twitter but I think it's funny so I'm stickin' with it. I first decided to set-up a profile for my company, and mess around with it. Adding friends. Making updates throughout the day. Asking questions. Honestly not putting forth too much effort because...well...I have a lot going on at my job right now! But I've been pleasantly surprised to find that with that small effort I've seen some traffic coming through to the various sites I've been promoting. Pretty cool!

Now I've decided to establish a personal profile, although I'm a bit more reserved, shall we say, with who I engage with when it's me personally. It's still a great way to meet folks with similar interests though, and will hopefully lead to some new traffic and readers.

Are you a TWIT? If so, drop me a note and introduce yourself. I'd love to know how you've been using it.

To be continued....

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