11 April 2007

Viral Marketing Engines Heat Up!

This post, please excuse me, is really two-fold: firstly, it's a shameless self-promotion for the company I work for and secondly it's a testimony that viral marketing WORKS!

I do Internet Marketing for a company called PayPerPost. I won't go into detail about the business model here (I'm sure that'll come later in the future) but I will talk about something awesome we're doing! Well, really two awesome things! There's the Blogger's Choice Awards, which soft-launched on April 2nd. It's a unique blog voting site, with somewhere around 34 or 35 distinct categories (we've added a couple since it went live so I can't recall how many). There are your standard categories, of course, like "Best Political Blog," "Best Corporate Blog," and "Best Sports Blog," but we're PayPerPost so you know we have to do some crazy stuff! A couple of the crazier blogs are "Hottest Mommy Blogger" and "Worst Blog of All Time." Ha ha!

And I have to tell you something very entertaining, with regard to the "Best Celebrity Blogger" category. Apparently "The Tonight Show" intern Ross had his blog nominated, and he is SO excited! I must commend him for really campaigning himself, and reaching out to his blog readers to help him get to first place. You go, Ross! (I'm secretly hoping Ross will win, and come to PostieCon, where the winning blogs will be recognized and awarded! Ooohhh, maybe he'll even bring "The Tonight Show" with him! How cool would that be?)

Oh, and before I leave this thought a few of my new favorite blogs have been nominated:

- Racialicious in "Best Pop Culture Blog"
- Geekbrief.tv in "Best Video Blogger"
- PerezHilton.com in "Best Gossip Blog"
- The Ross Blog in "Best Celebrity Blogger"

Since launching the site has rocketed in visitation! (Of course I'm not sharing the numbers with you!) And most of this is simply based on word-of-mouth (although I've been promoting it on MySpace and GoingOn).

If you have a chance, and have a few favorite blogs of your own, you should head on over to BloggersChoiceAwards.com and get to work!


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Social Citizen said...

Well, now Rosie is in the lead! It's a celebrity blog war!