03 April 2007

Le Humps de Alanis

I'm at home sitting at my dining room table, E!'s Daily 10 on as background noise. Then I hear something about Alanis Morissette which, of course, peaks my interest. Such a fan! And the girl has just taken her talent to the next level -- I didn't even think that was possible.

If you haven't already seen this video you must tuck away a few moments to watch it:

This, my friends, is what pop culture is all about! Taking something that inundates American culture and elevating it to such a level of popularity it becomes disgusting! I'm actually surpised I didn't see anything about it on PerezHilton.com (if it was it was buried somewhere deep beneath the front page). It did, however, appear in one of my new favorite blogs, Carmen Van Kerckhove's Racialicious.

Granted, Alanis's move is a tad late in my opinion, but a hoot nonetheless. First of all, "Humps" has got to be one of the most absurd songs ever written, recorded, and awarded. Seriously! Ha ha! And by having Alanis interpret the song as a ballad merely proves that point. I'm sure this is exactly why she did what she did.

You can be the own judge of what position you think Alanis is taking. In the meantime, I would like to revisit the catalogue of our Canadian friend, and list my favorite 10 songs, with #1 being my most favorite!

Here we go:

10. Hands Clean (from the album Under Rug Swept)

9. Ironic (from the album Jagged Little Pill)

8. You Learn (from the album Jagged Little Pill)

7. Precious Illusions(from the album Under Rug Swept)

6. Everything (from the album So-Called Chaos)

5. You Learn (from the album Jagged Little Pill)

4. Crazy (Seal Cover) (from the album The Collection)

3. So Unsexy (from the album Under Rug Swept)

2. You Oughta Know (from the album Jagged Little Pill)

1. Thank You (from the album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie)

Are you an Alanis fan as well? If so I'd love to know what you think of my list!



Daniel said...

This video is brilliant. I'm bloggin' about this too.
God, I. Love. Alanis.

I also love the song That I would be Good. It would be my #1, I think.

Carmen said...

Hey thanks for the shout-out to Racialicious. Glad you enjoyed the Alanis vid! I thought it was hilarious too. Slowed down you really understand just how absurd the lyrics are. "All that breast in that shirt." :)

Thomas said...

Great list. My favorites by her are:

"Hand in my Pocket"
"Thank U"
"Joining You"
"21 Things"

Social Citizen said...

Yeah, you know, I thought about "Hand in My Pocket," and while it's a good song I think I just got really over it when it first came out. I've got a couple of live versions of it that are pretty good though.

"Narcissus" is definitely a good song. Not deserving of my list though. Ha ha!

Thanks for the feedback, Thomas.

Colleen said...

I can't stand the original "My Humps", but love this version.

Wasn't there a hidden track on Jagged Little Pill? That was my favorite...about walking into the guys house and finding letters, but not to her...?