29 April 2007

My Favorite Vlogger!

I've recently become slightly obsessed with vlogging (or video blogging). It seems to be the "next big thing" in social media, and I admire folks who put themselves out there in front of their audience -- video blogging is engaging, reveals the personality of the video blogger, and lends itself to have the audience be more active.

One of my favorite new video bloggers was brought to my attention by a "Postie." What the heck is a "Postie," you ask? Well, if you know me or follow my blog you know I work for a company called PayPerPost. Whilst extremely controversial by nature, the company has established a fairly loyal following and customer fan base; those who actively use the PayPerPost platform are lovingly referred to as "Posties." Get it? Well, the vlogger in mention is Cali Lewis, host of GeekBrief.TV. It's primarily a video blog/podcast containing "geeky" content, which I'm not inherently interested in, but Cali is so darn cute and energetic I can't help but be a loyal watcher of her show.

So when my company launched the Blogger's Choice Awards site, I had to nominate Cali's show for the category "Best Video Blogger." Word eventually spread to Cali that she'd been nominated, and I was ecstatic to hear her mention the award nomination(s) on one of her recent episodes. (You have to watch about half the episode.)

If you're a video blogger let me know! I'd love to write about you!

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