27 April 2007

Please give me back my air!

Like I mentioned in my first posting, I'm sure it will take a little while for my blog to develop its true identity. My intent is to provide relevant thoughts on pop culture, social media and things in American life. (Hello...read the header!) And, of course, to develop an interested audience.... That will come, hopefully. Anyway, I've given much thought to my posts...hoping not to be too negative about the content I write about -- I don't wanna dog people and tear 'em down. That's not my style.

On that note, I decided my next post is about celebrities I feel are wasting my air*. Doh! I know that's pretty brutal but I'm so sick of seeing these people in the media. Sometimes I have a hard time really understanding what it is they're contributing to the entertainment world.

Firstly, let's define celebrity:

1. a famous or well-known person.
2. fame; renown.

Unfortunately, I'd have to say these people meet this criteria, and here they are in no particular order:

Ashlee Simpson
Yeah, um...fess up to the friggin' plastic surgery, eh? We all know, and quite honestly we don't care...mostly because you look much better.

Jessica Simpson (John Mayer by association)
Not quite sure what to say here. I've been bangin' my head up against the wall, trying to think of ANYTHING she contributes to the entertainment world. Now my head hurts and I still got nothin'. (Although I do know why he's with her.)

Paris Hilton

The Cast of "The Hills"
I'm torn here because I still watch the damn show, but I hate it. Ridiculous show. I can, however, identify with the chaos surrounding a reality show, since I'm on one.

Al Roker

"And here's what's going on in your neck of the woods." Please get a new shtick, Al. By the way, I live in the city.

Nancy Grace
Uh, why are you on CNN? You ain't no journalist.

Kid Rock
I can smell you from here.

Angelina Jolie
Is it me or does this chick seem to get more and more dull with every media appearance? I mean, I realize she's doing great things for underprivileged children, and that's really important in the big scheme of things, but did you see her at the Golden Globes this year (not shown photo)? Jeez. We put you where you are, and we can take you down, too! Enjoy your celebrity!

Jessica Alba
Have you seen "The Fantastic Four?" She's pretty, yeah...but the girl can't act. Sorry.

Honorable mention:

The Cast of "The Real World: Denver"
I couldn't really put these guys in the "official" list because I think much of my dislike for them is because I'm getting older, and simply can't identify with the darn kids. But seriously...are these people just getting more uninteresting, or is it really me? And is this the LONGEST season of the show or what? I feel like these kids have been on the air for a year.

Anyone associated with "Dancing with the Stars"
In my opinion, the only exciting thing about this show...EVER...is that there's a one-legged woman competing.

Am I missing anyone? If I am please drop me a comment.

* While these are certainly my feelings, I don't truly feel these people are wasting my air, or should not be alive. They just shouldn't be famous!

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Dre said...

I think you left the Pussy Cat Dolls (music and tv show) off of your list of people wasting air. I'm still trying to figure that out.