17 August 2007

Go, Daddy!

User-engagement on blogs is very important, in my opinion. It's a true testament of just how intersted your readers are in the content you provide, and is also a great gauge of how they respond to what you're writing. A fantastic way to encourage reader involvement is by hosting a poll or a survey.

Recently, I discovered a fantastic site that helps you create polling and survey widgets. Winner of a CNET WebWare 100 Award, the site is called Polldaddy.com, and I found it via a Google.com search. I was actually looking for a great site for poll/survey widgets for the company I work for, and ended-up using one of the Polldaddy.com widgets on our company blog, for a promotion we're running.

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I really like this site because first-and-foremost, it's user-friendly; that's the most important quality--to me--in a site like Polldaddy.com. The process of creating a poll is both easy and logical. Another feature I really like it the variety of widgets that are available -- in addition to offering "stock" skins, you can also upload a customizable widget...and use it for future polls. If they don't have a widget that suits your specific needs...that's OK -- you can create your own!

Of course, there's also a blog if you have any questions about site features, or simply want to connect with other Polldaddy.com fans. Who knows, perhaps you might see me there at some point!

So as to appropriately tie-in the site I'm blogging about, here's a survey I created:

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Lenny said...

Thanks for the great review Nifty!