01 August 2007

How to Find Your Audience

As I've mentioned various times here, because of where I work I'm afforded the opportunity to learn about blogs, blogging, and blogging tips everyday! I love hearing about blog networks, social networking sites, unique blogs, and even more unique bloggers...and probably get way too excited when I do!

One of the things I think every blogger finds appealing about not only blogging but the Internet in general, is being provided a platform to easily connect, engage, and converse with other individuals. I just enjoy watching all the information that is exchanged...and so quickly! Given that, I was stoked to run across a blog post on a site called PureBlogging.com, with tips about expanding your blog reach. Simply titled "Expanding Your Blog Reach," I think it's a great snapshot of the "right" things to do to expand your blog's audience.

I'd love to connect with any other Bloggers using these methods, or who is familiar with PureBlogging.com.

Blog on!

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