26 August 2007


While I wouldn't necessarily say I have a reputation as being the most creative individual, I love, love, love watching other people be creative, and I think I have a pretty good eye for "innovative" creativity. This includes companies. One of my most favorite things to do is watch commercials on television. Some commercials are crap, but others are brilliant...at least in my opinion.

One of my current favorite advertising spots is Dell's "Inspiron 1420". Haven't seen it yet?

I think the creative approach, along with the sounds of The Flaming Lips, makes for a perfect match.

What are your favorite commercials right now? Send them to me....

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Fidelity said...

Your blog is really good.. I liked the multi-colored laptops because I thought there is only two or three colors of dell:) mine is silver..

Your blog is full of inspiring content and I enjoyed watching Berenda's :D

Wishing you the best with your blog