21 August 2007

Season Three of 'Weeds' is Lit Up!

I don't mind admitting that I have an addiction to the Showtime Original Series "Weeds." The award-winning show premiered its third season this past week, on August 13th. Made of ticky-tacky, the compelling cable dramedy follows the life of widowed Suburban housewife Nancy Botwin. To maintain the life her family is accustomed to, Nancy--played effortlessly by Mary-Louise Parker--becomes the prime marijuana dealer to the residents of sleepy Southern Californian suburb Agrestic.

One of the primary reasons I'm drawn to the show is for the clever writing. Not only is it witty and edgy, the writers approach the subject matter in a way that--whether or not one agrees with Nancy's illegal practices--viewers arrive in a place of non-judgement. You can watch the show and almost understand why Nancy makes the decisions she does. While I'm certainly not a television writer, it would seem difficult for any writer to actually achieve this level.

The addiction to "Weeds" doesn't stop with each half-hour episode. The "Weeds" section of Sho.com is a great example of how a website can engage its users...beyond the small screen. Check-out all of the interactive features they offer:

Fairly self-explanatory, this area provides insight about what folks are talking about in blogosphere. (I'm secretly hoping this post might make its way onto the site.)

Wallpapers, IM icons, and blog photos are available for users to display their "Weeds" pride.

In addition to accessing snippets of various episodes, the video features area also provides exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and more.

For the folks who are jonesin' for more...or simply need their "Weeds" on-the-go.

For the ultimate fan:

Many sites try to create a viral campaign for whatever they're promoting, but some are not any good at it. Sho.com seems to have the right idea, by soliciting user-involvement via creating their own music video...to the tune of "Little Boxes," no less. I wanted to enlist my friend Globetrotting V to make our own video but I don't think we'll have time to get around to it. It'l definitely be interesting to see all of the submissions though.

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