01 August 2007

It's All About Being Social

The more time I spend online--particularly in the blogosphere--the more opinions I hear about social networks and social media. Everyone has a take on what sites "work" and what sites "don't work," which ones are more reputable and such.

Honestly, I don't may too much attention to these "opinions." I'm going to be active on the sites I like and enjoy; not only that, I want to be where my friends and blog readers are. So I'm pretty active on the following social sites and directories:

- MySpace
- BlogCatalog
- MyBlogLog
- Twitter
- Wink
- more

I'm curious to know...what sites are you active on? And if you are active on various sites, why aren't we friends?!?!


Drew said...

I think that we are friends on all of the social networking sites, if not we should remedy that. I've also been focusing a lot on photo sharing and photo hosting sites like Flickr and Zooomr. If you are on those let me know and I will add you as afriend there too.

I spend more time on Blog catalog and am lucky to hit myspace once a week. I just joined facebook and that looks promising as well.

Teresa said...

I think it's easier to answer "What social sites are you not active on".. haha.

I'm most active on Myspace, Virb and Humblevoice.