26 August 2007

I've Traveled the World

Well, I haven't exactly traveled the world in the exact sense you might be thinking (although someday I hope to) but I have journeyed across the planet at Travel Channel's side. I've been to Europe, Latin America, and parts of the United States I never even knew existed. I find Sunday mornings are particularly a great time to pack-up and make the trek. Sitting down with a cup of coffee and joining bubbly Samantha Brown around the world is a chilled, relaxing time for me. Whether or not you actually watch and of her shows, Samantha's global excursions are all tightly packaged at TravelChannel.com/SamanthaBrown. The site is an extensive resource for all your travel needs.

I love any website that truly takes the user on an experience, and Samantha's interactive features do just that (OK, I know Samantha doesn't actually build the website, but humor me). A few of my favorite features on the site are:

- Samantha's Travel Guides. This is the PERFECT resource for any traveler looking to maximize their trip. Samantha shares all of her experiences here, from hotels, to restaurants, to popular tourist sites. Hey...Samantha does-it-up-right when she travels, so why not take tips from her?
- Travel Journals. The journals are more extensive than the travel guides, and share with the user travel experiences through the eyes of Samantha.
- Podcasts. The video podcasts are available via iTunes so you really have no excuse not to watch!
- Fan Wiki. A "new" feature on the TravelChannel.com site, this area provides a forum for fans of the show to not only contribute content, but to also connect with other fans!

Well, that about wraps-up my plug for Samantha Brown and the Travel Channel! Perhaps by some magical chance someone from the channel will run across my post and send me around the world...and blog along the way! *OUCH, I had to pinch myself to stop dreaming!* I suppose the best chance I have is to win their current sweepstakes -- a trip for two to Jamaica.

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V said...

oh my god i love this post!

maybe YOU should have the travel blog!