21 August 2007


A few days ago I was driving into work, listening to my daily morning talk show (only because Central Florida radio completely stinks...and I have no options). One of the topics of conversation was over-saturated, "what does he really do?", media-whore Ryan Seacrest. Apparently he has been tapped for several upcoming hosting gigs that have many people scratching their heads. Now, it's not that I loathe Ryan Seacrest. Heck, the guy has made a gigantic name for himself for really doing nothing. Ooohhh, maybe he, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richey, Tara Reid, and Nickelback should start a club. Yawn...stretch...rub eyes...oh wait, I'm sorry, I was just having a nightmare. Anyway, I don't dislike Ryan as much as I might be letting on. I simply choose to not watch anything he's associated with.

So here are the shows he's going to be hosting later this year and next. You make up your own mind:

- Daytime Emmy Awards. This one doesn't seem so "out there" to me. He is a decent host, but I think he'll get boring REALLY fast. Apparently show producers are hoping Seacrest will be a "magnet" for a larger audience.
- Superbowl Red Carpet/Half-Time Show. Um, why don't I just host it instead.

Is Ryan Seacrest in danger of losing his career, because people are going to get so sick of him? You tell me what you think.

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